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Company Customized Experience

We can customize Lineman's Reference - XFMR Lab to adhere to your company's specifications and guidelines! Below are a few examples of things we can customize for you;

  • Primary Voltage

  • Phase and wire colorings

  • Which direction Wye banks are cut over

  • Various grounding methods

  • Custom Diagrams

  • Custom Nameplates

  • Custom Fusing Charts

  • Custom New Lab(s)

When Lineman's Reference - XFMR Lab is customized for your company, you will be issued a passcode to enter into the app. This passcode will unlock the Customized Experience for your company. All effected labs and diagrams will be marked with your company's logo.

We want to make this app as flexible as possible for the entire industry. Let us know if you're interested!

Reach out to us at!

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